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At H2C, our strategic advisory group offers a suite of services that can give your healthcare organization new options.


If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there?  Finding answers to this and other questions for your organization starts with analyzing your health system's overall strategic and financial situation and developing a strategy.


As hospitals and healthcare organizations continue to consolidate, one of the biggest questions for many is whether or not they can remain independent.  At H2C, we want to help you find ways to maintain your independence.  Unlike many of our competitors, we focus on the assumption that if you want to remain independent, you can.  We'll develop alternatives that support your independence.


We'll perform a Strategic Options Assessment that starts with analyzing your organization's mission.  The H2C team will pinpoint what is most important to you as we analyze your values.  Sound decision making requires substantial knowledge of the situation first.


Our depth and breadth of experience means we have innovative ways to help you maintain independence.  We'll then develop a Strategic Capital Plan that can help you achieve your goals.  And if you do decide to sell or merge, we can structure the deal to benefit your many constituents.


We're not looking for a transaction—it's too easy to say "sell."  The H2C team seeks to build client relationships, and if you want to remain independent (just like our firm), then we'll strategize ways to make it so.

Strategic Advisory

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