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As the most experienced real estate advisor to the healthcare industry, H2C is uniquely positioned to work with healthcare providers to help you understand how your real estate can support your financial and strategic objectives.  Our approach is often led by a strategic advisory component which in some cases may be followed by a transactional component.  This two-step approach allows you to fully understand your organization’s options in light of your goals and objectives, and to carefully assess the ramifications of a particular transaction before proceeding.


Strategic Advisory


H2C offers its proprietary Real Estate Transaction Alternatives Study (RETAS) that helps providers:


  • Understand your long-term goals and objectives in relation to your property, portfolio or development project

  • Determine the value of your real estate (owned, leased and/or to-be-developed assets)

  • Identify cost-saving and income-enhancing strategies

  • Outline and describe all transaction options available in the marketplace

  • Identify any properties suitable for a transaction, if appropriate

  • Recommend best options for transactions that will achieve your stated goals and objectives

  • Outline the results of the transaction on your financial statements and key financial ratios


Our RETAS study can help define critical next steps, from reducing operating costs to building occupancy to finding new revenue streams. It will also outline a transaction(s) for a particular real estate asset or portfolio, if one is appropriate, and demonstrate the positive effects this transaction would have on your financial performance and metrics.


Transaction Marketing


H2C’s professionals have executed more than $10 billion of real estate transactions nationwide.  Our real estate transaction services for provider clients include:


  • Asset Monetization: It is possible to sell your real estate asset(s) and generate cash proceeds which can be reinvested into your core business while still maintaining a high level of control over the properties.  Our extensive experience designing real estate transaction structures and running these highly competitive, multi-step transaction processes will allow you to keep the controls you need and maximize the amount of capital generated through the monetization.

  • Developer Selection Process/Arranging Financing: If your organization is looking to create a new project – either one that you will own or have a third-party own – H2C offers its proprietary Developer Selection Process. This disciplined, multi-step process will find the most qualified and experienced developer for your specific type of project, and equally as important, one that is a good “fit” with your organization. If desired, H2C will also arrange financing from competitive sources of capital that meet both your organization’s and project’s requirements.

  • Other Types of Real Estate Transactions: From time to time, healthcare providers need transactional services related to different types of real estate transactions, such as acquisition advisory, negotiating with physician owners of real estate, and structuring real estate partnerships. H2C is here to assist you with all of your healthcare real estate needs.    


Top-notch real estate advisory is critical in today's healthcare environment. Look to H2C to provide the guidance you need.

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