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C. Richard Bayman

Emily Abrantes   Managing Director, New York


Ms. Abrantes has deep expertise in strategic financial advisory services for healthcare, higher education, and other not-for-profit sectors.

Ms. Abrantes has more than two decades of experience serving a broad range of public and private institutions in healthcare and higher education. She has provided advisory services to a broad range of prestigious institutions, including the University of Virginia, Clemson University, University of Iowa, Wake Forest University, and University of Miami.

In her work with H2C, Ms. Abrantes advises healthcare and higher education clients, including academic medical centers, on capital strategy matters, including capital structure evaluation, risk analysis, rating agency strategy, and transaction execution. In addition, Ms. Abrantes assists clients in the development of capital policies to guide organizations’ long-term debt strategy, which includes debt capacity analysis, liquidity optimization, and risk assessment.

Prior to joining H2C, Ms. Abrantes served as a managing director for Prager & Company, a firm that specializes in financial advisory services for higher education institutions. She also formerly served as a director at PFM in the firm's higher education and healthcare groups, serving institutions primarily in the Southeast.

Ms. Abrantes received her undergraduate degree in economics and political science from Furman University. She is a registered municipal advisor.

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