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Collaborative Research

Academy • H2C Strategic Survey

Quarterly Survey Tracking Report

The Academy conducts research on key strategic areas of most interest to the largest health systems. High priority topics in 2016 are consolidation, development of an operating model, physician alignment, bundled payments, innovation, and consumer engagement. 


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Hammond Hanlon Camp LLC ("H2C") is an enthusiastic sponsor of the Academy • H2C Strategic Survey. As strategic and financial advisors, H2C is an active participant in the healthcare marketplace where we constantly strive to identify and stay abreast of the immediate and longer term trends in the industry and the opportunities for our clients that those trends create as they arise and evolve. Developed through quarterly conversations between the senior leadership of many of the Nation’s largest and most innovative healthcare systems and senior executives at The Health Management Academy, one of the industry’s leading research and analysis organizations, the Academy • H2C Strategic Survey offers a point in time as well as cumulative assessment of the future direction of the industry, the forces at work, and the responses and strategies being considered and deployed to ensure continued success.


We hope that you will find the information contained in the Academy • H2C Strategic Survey relevant and insightful. Healthcare remains an intensely complex and dynamic business, and promises to become increasingly challenging as the demand for services collides with economic realities and the transference of risk from payer to provider and patient. Your questions and comments are welcome and we encourage you to contact us with any issues or topics you believe would be useful to address in future editions.  

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Academy • H2C Strategic Survey

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