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H2C's experience and independent status help you finance your goals with a customized approach.


We know that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to financing. Many firms are happy to pitch you the latest financial product, even if it doesn't quite fit your needs.


H2C is different. We're independent, and we work for you. Our talented team partners with you to determine your Capital Philosophy: everything from your appetite for risk to how much debt your organization is willing to incur to learning about your corporate culture. We develop a thorough picture of your organization before we begin the next step: determining your Capital Strategy. H2C isn't here for a short-term tactical approach. We're here to build a relationship, and that requires an extensive understanding of your long-term plans.


With our depth of experience comes a broader perspective. H2C is active in the market, working with a variety of clients and underwriters on different kinds of transactions. Many of our financing transactions include tax-exempt bonds, but we also execute transactions involving taxable bonds and private placements.


We work with you to develop the financing plan, and then we bring in the underwriters. Competition ensures our clients are seeing the best pricing available; we look for underwriters that can provide the ideal product and service for you. We're on your team—think of us as the quarterbacks in the financing transaction. Together, we'll obtain the financing your organization needs to support its strategic and financial objectives.

Capital Markets

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